AWS: Create a new VM from an AMI Snapshot

Since the configuration for the new VM created from the snapshot will have an identical configuration you will want to create it in a different zone.

Important note* The original EC2 instance will be turned off during this process

First steps for existing VM:
– Locate the availability zone
– Locate the security group
– Take note of these two attributes

Create a snapshot to make a new AMI:

– Right click on the EC2 instance
– Select Create Image
– Create image window opens.
– Fill in the details
– Click the Create This Image button

The original EC2 instance will be turned off during this process, the EBS volume is copied to a snapshot, and the EC2 is spun back up

– Hit refresh, you may see some errors about reliability checks if you have monitoring enabled, just ignore these
– goto AMIs under ‘IMAGES’

You should then see your unique AMI image in the list

aws ami image listing ec2
AWS AMI Images

Now, to launch a new instance from this image!

You can now use this copy of the AMI template and spin up a new shiny VM.

– Simply click the Launch button
– A wizard appears
– Follow the wizard
– This is an important step, you will need to change the availability zone to somewhere away from the original instance
– Modify the credentials, security group, etc as you would any other instance (customized to your environment or likings)

After this, you can simply Launch! Wash, rinse, repeat as desired.

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