Getting Started with Amazon EC2 – Install, Configure, Connect

Getting Started with Amazon EC2 - Install, Configure, Connect

The second in the series of Amazon Web Service tutorial videos. Here we describe how to create a keypair for shell access to an Amazon Machine Image instance, how to do basic firewall configuration to enable remote login and finally start and connect to the a basic Amazon Linux AMI.

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(Produced by: Mohammad Nauman (voice) and Toqeer Ali)

Masterclass Webinar - Amazon EC2

This webinar explains how to get to grips with Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling. AWS Evangelist Ryan Shuttleworth reviews how to work with with Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling.

Amazon EC2 forms the backbone compute platform for hundreds of thousands of AWS customers, but how do you go beyond starting an instance and manually configuring it? This webinar takes you on a journey starting with the basics of key creation and security groups and ending with an Auto Scaling application driven by dynamic policies. It will explain the tools you need to create an Auto Scaling configuration and show you how to bootstrap an instance. And to top it off, we’ll add the relational database service into the mix to show you how to create a highly available data tier.

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44 thoughts on “Getting Started with Amazon EC2 – Install, Configure, Connect

  1. Amazing video, helped me get an instance up and running literally within 10
    minutes with zero knowledge of how this worked beforehand. Thank you again
    sir! I look forward to more videos from you.

  2. Good videos, even if I would spend a bit more effort on the general
    quality. I will be more than happy to give this link to our users in . In fact we are teaching people how to use cloud
    computing and find new jobs with a proprietary algorithm called CloudRank.
    We now have more than 10K people using it to learn and test their skills,
    it you try it let me know what is your feedback as an Amazon expert. 

  3. Thank you for the video. You are the only one who helped me to connect to
    the server. PS. This is my first experience with Unix based OS.

  4. @csrdu very nice videos,thanks for developing these.I have developed a
    facebook app and would like to use the AWS for hosting this app.I browsed
    through the Amazon WS website but could not figureout how much approximate
    cost I would have to incur for this.Can you give some indication on
    costings or may be make a video on its present costing or pricing models.

  5. Also there is no point in blurring the email domain name viz,as
    spammers or hackers will try gmail first,considering the popularity of
    gmail.Should’ve blurred the whole thing.

  6. Is it possible that we can get information for thngs like ‘best selling
    products’ OR ‘product info’ using php. Like a sdk type tool. A free sdk
    where you dont need to signup for some aws paid service. I just want info
    in array form.

  7. @harikishore007 Exactly. If you don’t pay, they will block your account and
    you won’t be able to terminate the instance. They will still charge you 🙂

  8. I followed the entire process the same you which you mentioned,but it gives
    me error while log in. says “server refused our key” what could be the
    problem .?

  9. pls can u provide me how to install magento in aws ec2 in ubuntu using free
    tier asap i want it urgently help me

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  11. You can use instances with a pair of nvidia GPU cards attached – so if you
    are writing CUDA code or for example, you can take advantage of massive
    parallel processing. With the right back end software you can set up render
    farms too.

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