OpenStack: DevStack Installation using VirtualBox & Ubuntu (Icehouse with Neutron) – 1

This lecture is actually divided into two parts, and this first part mainly shows how to prepare your Linux (Ubuntu) using your installed VirtualBox.
The other video (URL: ) then shows how to install & configure DevStack on your installed Linux, a VM running on your VirtualBox.

Sorry for my poor English 🙂
Video Rating: 5 / 5

View a rack configured with OpenStack and walk through the OpenStack projects (software) that makes up the OpenStack environment. This is a very high level actual configuration of an OpenStack environment that you can build today.
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22 thoughts on “OpenStack: DevStack Installation using VirtualBox & Ubuntu (Icehouse with Neutron) – 1

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your video.
    I just want to go to the localhost from the host machine but it doesn’t
    Is there any commande to put in the linux terminal like “sudo
    iptables…….” ??


  2. Hi Ian ;
    im newbee in Openstack i just want to know what is really Devstack ? is
    there any difference between Standard Icehouce release and Devstack ? or am
    asking a wrong question ? .. i just cant figure out what is Devstack
    compared to Openstack’s releases (juno , icehouce …)

  3. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    ++ [[ -n False ]]
    ++ [[ False != False ]]
    ++ date +%s
    /home/user05/devstack/tools/ line 80:
    /home/user05/devstack/.prereqs: Permission denied
    +++ err_trap
    +++ local r=1
    +++ set +o xtrace failed

    (help after ./ i get the above error) runing latest ubuntu 14.04

  4. hi Ian, This is excellent and superb. Its very good work. I assume you were
    installing this on a windows machine? or a Bare Metal Server?

  5. good job. thx for you show very much .would you give us much more about how
    to install muti node openstack ? would you show us the locarc in compute it just install n-cpu enough? BTW, do you be interested in

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