What is Cloud Computing?

Learn about Cloud Computing with AWS and the benefits AWS provides to hundreds of thousands of customers globally. Learn more at https://aws.amazon.com/what-is-cloud-computing.

Watch this video if you’re you new to cloud computing and would like to learn more about Amazon Web Services (AWS), if you intend to implement a project and would like to discover the basics of the AWS cloud or if you are a business looking to evaluate cloud computing. In this recorded webinar, we answer the following questions:

• What is Cloud Computing with AWS and what benefits can it deliver?
• Who is using AWS and what are they using it for?
• How can I use AWS Services to run my workloads?
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24 thoughts on “What is Cloud Computing?

  1. We have reached the end of our countdown – the most watched video on the
    AWS YouTube channel in 2013 is “What is Cloud Computing with AWS?”

    We hope everyone has a great 2014!

  2. Reason why corporate companies are moving to cloud computing.
    Watch and learn how powerful and flexible cloud computing can be.

  3. This isn’t so much “What is Cloud Computing” as it is “What is Amazon Web
    Services’ version of Cloud Computing and what are AWS’s points of
    differentiation?” Not that it’s a bad video because it’s not, but certainly
    the title is misleading.

  4. today cloud tech is the evergreen.. most of the people dnt know about the
    cloud.. so it is useful to learn from the begining via youtube. it will be
    so helpful

  5. มาติดตาม Amazon Web Services (AWS) – บริการคลาวด์รายใหญ่กันค่ะ

  6. Years into the media hype I am still asked the question, by householders
    and business owners alike, almost every day: “What IS cloud computing,
    explained so people can understand it? This video is a good start. A
    simple case of its use: just moved COSD web site (http://cosd.com) to AWS
    and finally escaped the nightmare of shared hosting in Ireland.

  7. normal hosting 1000% cheaper for 99% busines. Only big data and big businec
    can afford cloud and mainly from rich countries

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